Monday, December 20, 2010

The most important thing that happened to us this year was when George left to go on his mission to Nicargua. His mission started with 9 weeks of training at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. We drove him up there and enjoyed a family day of site seeing in Salt Lake City before dropping him off.
Cousins from Colorado visit in June. New door and windows in the background.

It has been nearly a year since I blogged. So I guess I had better catch up with the year. First with my hard working husband, Mike. He has been so busy working full time at Cal State San Bernardino and then he comes home and works on the house. Progress seems slow, but at least it is getting there. this year he put up lattice fencing around the patio so it is more like an outside room. We spent a lot of time out there in the heat of the summer. The next project was the hall way which we created out of the end portion of the master bedroom so we have a way to get to the apartment. We also wanted a new place for the front door, as the old door gave direct access to the kitchen area which we wanted to use for pantry space. So an old patio door and a window were taken out and two small windows and a new front door were put in. An arch in the patio roof helped draw attention to the new front door. Inside the walls were finished, hallway cabinets were installed and a new glass door to the living area. It looks So much better- Thanks Mike for working so hard.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas came way too quickly this year as my preparations have been delayed due to working or sickness. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow and so that has to be the end. We will have a different Christmas this year as instead of Mike having the week off, he has to work the early shift Thursday to Sunday. It will also be our last year together as a family for a few years because George will be leaving on a two year mission sometime next spring, and then Charlie will leave when he turns 19. It's sad that the kids are growing up so fast and gone are the little children that brought us such joy, and were so fun to have around the place. The young adults that are have taken their place also bring us joy, and we are proud of the responsible and respective people they have become. Colin is still so small and we cherish the moments we can share with him, his innocent mind and his childish wonderment and fun. We are so aware that the years pass by quickly and the next stage of his life will be here soon enough.
This year has been a tough one financially with many of our plans being put on hold, but we are okay and Mike is still employed. We all have been blessed with good health and have been free from any serious problems. Our children are the best and we are so proud of their accomplishments.
George graduated high school and now has 45 college credits under his belt. He earned his Eagle Scout and now is working on submitting his paperwork for his mission. He is excited to go, and even though the thought of not seeing him for two years, fills my heart with sadness, I am at the same time proud and eager for him to spend two years concentrating full-time on serving the Lord. He will make a wonderful missionary and it is the least I can do, to support him, since our whole family has been so blessed by our faith and testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Charlie has only a few weeks left and he will have completed his high school requirements. He too has about 40 college credits. He has a long break, till February, before he continues at college and hopes to get his associate's degree soon. He will be completing his Eagle project shortly so he too can obtain the highest rank in Scouting.
Jacob is in eighth grade and is in scouting too. He has recently had a palette expander put in as the first stage of the process to straighten out his teeth. He is at the awkward age between childhood and adulthood, and is showing signs of becoming a responsible adult. He has a great sense of fun and a kind heart.
Our only daughter, Jennifer, is now 12, and turning into a young woman. It's sad to see the little girl disappear, as I don't think I had enough of this, with only having one daughter. She is enjoying Young Women at church. She tutors younger students twice a week after school and has enjoyed earning the money to buy new clothes. She is such a good helper around the house and still takes care of her younger brother. She has done some babysitting and of course is excellent at this.
Colin has entered first grade and has become a fluent reader. He has a talent for spelling, scoring 100% on most tests. He enjoys the outdoors, playing on our 5 acre property on his own, or with any sibling that will play with him. We are so blessed to have Colin in our family to remind us all to have fun and enjoy life.
We wish all our family and friends a very merry Christmas, and that 2010 will be a great year for everyone.
The Kayser Family,